CoolBag and Baseball – We do That Too!

Spring is here!!  The days are longer, the nights are warmer, and baseball season is underway.  With spring, comes the MLB Opening Day!  Opening Day should not be just another day in April, but rather a National Holiday.
Opening Day signifies the beginning of longer days, warmer nights, and opportunities to spend time with family and friends watching America’s Pastime.  No experiences really hold a candle to attending an Mbaseball-nation-09116LB baseball game on a warm evening.  The smell of hotdogs in the air, the sight of perfectly cut green grass, and the sounds of the roar of the crowd all send chills through your body the minute you walk into the stadium.  As rich of an experience a baseball game is we know it’s not all easy.  Whether it’s worrying about where to keep your car keys, wallet, cell phone, or tablet and not to mention where to put it all when you get up to go get snacks, going to a baseball came can be stressful!
At CoolBag, we were tired of not knowing what to do with our valuables every time we went to the ballpark.  The stress of trying to keep our valuables safe took the joy and excitement out of the experience.  Finally, we had enough and we decided to make the solution our own!
The first time we took the CoolBag to an MLB game we were anxious to see it in action.  We had a place for our tablets, car keys, extra cash, snacks, jackets, and cold drinks.  When we had to go get food or use the restroom, we didn’t have to ask someone to watch our stuff or take it with us, we simply connected the handle to a seat and locked the zipper!
By the end of the night, everyone in our section was asking what the bag was called and where they could get one.
America’s Pastime is back and this time CoolBag is here for it!  We found a solution to the stresses of attending an MBL game and we want to share it with you.  CoolBag quite simply helps you Stay Cool in Life!


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