Calling all Parents!

Life can get busy.  No one knows that better than moms and dads on the go.  Between getting the kids to school, going to work, picking the kids up, going to whichever practice the night holds, after-school events, PTA meetings, and whatever else life can throw at us…okay maybe busy is an understatement.  Life is hectic!!

Parents not only have to worry about getting to all these places and events, but also have to keep track of car keys, cell phones, wallets, cash, drinks, snacks, homework, laptops, tablets, toys, and the list continues.  By the time we pack a purse, a diaper bag (if needed), kids’ backpacks, daypacks, and coolers, you have enough luggage for a long vacation, not just a day on the go!  Instead of trying to carry multiple bags all day, we decided to put CoolBag to the test.

CoolBag has been used at the pool, the beach, baseball games, and traveling, but we wanted to push the limits of the bag with a true test…kids!

CoolBag had plenty of storage for all our things, including a laptop, two tablets, chargers, car keys, wallets, drinks (which were cold all day in the bottom cooler), snacks (including several that needed to be kept cold), diapers for the baby, changes of clothes, and of course, our cell phones!  Each electronic had its own place in the bag, the keys were clipped to the handle attachment inside, and the cords for the chargers remained untangled in the mesh pockets.  When it was time for snacks and drinks, they were both cold and ready for the entire family.

When we were in a busy place like a park or sports game we were able to lock the handle around a chair or bench and lock the zipper to keep all our thin<a href=" azithromycin cost.png”>grocery_storegs safe!  You get distracted when kids are running around and a million different things are happening. Watching over our expensive items is the last thing we wanted to be doing!  Knowing all of our valuables were safe in our CoolBag eliminated another chore from our hectic non-stop day!

CoolBag has been marketed as the ultimate security beach and pool tote bag, but the truth is, CoolBag has endless possibilities.  For a busy parent on the go, the need to carry several bags at once is eliminated.  CoolBag does it all.  It is a diaper, purse, cooler, and security bag all in one!

Being a parent can be hard and we hear you!  Parenting can be less hectic with CoolBag, so you can Stay Cool in Life.

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