CoolBag Update

Just a reminder that when it comes to our campaign we need to maximize our time on Kickstarter to ensure we begin the company with as much momentum as possible. We are absolutely thrilled that we hit our goal and to celebrate (in case you missed it), all seven colors will be available to you to choose from!

If you wish to help push us to our new goal of $40,000 consider re-pledging by picking up another CoolBag as a gift for friends and family. When you purchase as a gift, we’ll send an IOU card you can share for the holidays. Your loved ones will love the story when they discover that they are one of the premier recipients of the CoolBag.

By supporting our campaign you have contributed to a project of love we have poured over for the last 18 months. We are humbled by your contribution.

Please share this link with your networks and reach out with any questions on the Comments tab of our Kickstarter page.

Thanks! – David

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