Q: Is CoolBag considered a personal item and does it fit under an airline seat?

A: CoolBag is TSA accepted for use as a carry-on-item and will fit under all airline seats and into all overheads.

Q: Does the CoolBag have a back strap so it can slip over the handle of a rolling luggage bag?

A:  Yes, there is a hidden zipper at the base of one of the outside magazine pockets that can be opened to allow the CoolBag to fit over a luggage handle.

Q: Is the material waterproof?

A: Yes, the outside fabric has a water/stain resistant front coating and a waterproof urethane coating on the back side.  You do not want to fully submerge in water when you have items in the CoolBag, but it will keep your items dry in a light rain.

Q: What is the major differences between Gen1 and Gen2?

A:  Gen2 is about a pound lighter in weight, Stronger cut resistant lining, water resistant outside material with a water proof backing, a stationary lock on one side of the top of the bag,  hidden top zipper that is puncture resistant, form fitting custom backpack straps,  softer handles with all sides of the handles going into the CoolBag, hidden zipper under one of the outside magazine pockets to allow over the luggage transporting, improved bottom feet,  expandable bottle pockets on the sides, RFID passport/charge card pocket, padded tablet pocket, and branding throughout the inside of the CoolBag.

Q: Are Gen 1 and Gen 2 the same size?

A: Yes, both Generations of CoolBag have the same measurements. Height:15.80 inches(40.1 cm), Width: 19.65 inches (49.9 cm), Depth: 7.5 inches (19 cm).

Q: I have locked myself out of my CoolBag is there an easy way to open the lock?

A:  The CoolBag locking mechanism is made to keep thieves out of your CoolBag.  If you have locked yourself out of your CoolBag, but you registered your combination on our website, you can log in and obtain your combination.  If you did not register your combination, you will have to go through each of the numbers to find the correct combination that will open the lock.

Q:  Is the CoolPac waterproof?

A:  The CoolPac is waterproof, but our recommendation is not to overstuff the CoolPac with ice.  Put in a couple of layers of ice but do not overstuff the bag, as the seams may split, causing water to leak into the cooler.

Q: How much can the CoolBag carry?

A: The CoolBag is tested to be carrying up to 30lbs.

Q:  Are all CoolBags black in the inside?

A:  Yes, because of the entry into the discrete cooler below, all CoolBags are black.  The Gen2 CoolBag has the CoolBag logo throughout the inside material, making it a little brighter on the inside.

Q:  Can the padded pocket carry a small laptop?

A:  Yes, the inside padded pocket can carry a small computer like a 10 inch MacBook Air no problem.   Larger computers easily fit into the main compartment.  You can fit up to a 17 inch MacBook Pro into the main compartment.

Q:  How many cans or wine bottles will the CoolBag Cooler hold?

A:  The cooler will hold seven 12oz cans or two 750ml bottles of wine.